Submissions through Private Editorial Services are NOT considered for publication!
Often, writers email our staff and ask for feedback on declined pieces or for more in-depth feedback and since we are writers also, and always looking for professional feedback on our own work, we came up with the idea of helping TTR meet its funding goals by offering private editorial services to writers.

Our staff will now provide line by line editing, including comments on the elements of craft in a work—structure, characterization, premise, theme, dialogue, content, use of language/imagery, etc. 

It works like this: the writer submits through Submittable a free request for a free estimate on a single manuscript. Essays up to 5,000 words and short fiction pieces up to 8000 words are welcome. In the cover letter please provide the genre, title, and word count of the piece. Upload the first 4-5 pages as a DOCX. TTR will send through Submittable an estimate, based upon an hourly rate of $20.00 an hour, for the cost of providing the editorial services. If you agree to the estimate, TTR will invoice you through PayPal and upon payment, the services will proceed.  Manuscripts submitted for editorial services will NOT be considered for publication. However, you are welcome to submit a manuscript after it has gone through our editorial services through our regular submission process and we may suggest that you do so.

The minimum charge will be half an hour. TTR will return the edited piece within 45 days of the date of payment for the services. Writers who use our private editorial services will receive a one-year e-book subscription to TTR. If you are in a hurry, for instance trying to meet a contest deadline, priority services are available. For an extra 25$, TTR will return the edited piece within 20 days. For an extra 50$, TTR will return the edited piece within 7 days. 

TTR is working hard to develop ways to generate revenue other than through submission fees. It is our goal to eliminate submission fees while continuing to pay contributors for their work.

Prose submissions submitted through Submittable as Expedited Fiction and Expedited Creative Nonfiction for possible publication in TTR will continue to receive a response within 30 days and up to one paragraph of feedback. We have also created a Submittable category that will provide at least one page of feedback. 

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