Ends in 6 hours, 57 minutes

$10.00 USD

The prose editorial team will provide you at least one full paragraph of constructive feedback on your piece, holding to what they perceive as being within the best interests of the work. You will receive this feedback within 31 days of submission. If the 31 day mark falls on a weekend or holiday, you can expect a response on the next business day.

It is our intent to treat all writers with respect. 

Essays up to 5,000 words are welcome. Personal, memoir, lyrical, and literary journalism welcome.

We are also interested in creative nonfiction that explores history, science, literature, art, and biographies.

You may submit up to 3 micro pieces of creative nonfiction (up to 300 words each) in one submission.

Please include word count on the first page. Please use standard formatting. Please make sure that you have used only one space after the end of a sentence and before the beginning of the next sentence.  This is due to layout software and is absolutely necessary for publication. 

You must remove all personal identifying information from your manuscript and file name. We will automatically reject any work submitted with biographical data included in the manuscript. Thank you.

Please familiarize yourself with how to work with your manuscript in Microsoft Word Tracked Changes. We do edit all accepted prose pieces and will expect you to know how to use Tracked Changes. We simply no longer have the time to provide personal tutorials on Microsoft Word.