We are always on the lookout for those interesting pieces you came up with late one night, or the photos you took because you couldn't stop looking at something with all its crazy curves and textures.  We'll consider all mediums - photos, paintings, pencil drawings, pen and ink, charcoal - as well as cartoons.

Submissions must be adaptable to accommodate the space - so please send us your work with a minimum 300 ppi. If submitting for interior art, we are primarily interested in black and white images. You can submit pieces in color for interior art, but they must translate well into a black and white format. Send up to 8 images in one submission. Remember that if you are submitting work for the cover, that the work must be in a portrait orientation.  

Our issues are created in PDF, e-book, and Print-On-Demand versions.

NOTE: If you send multiple submissions, there will likely be a two to three issue lag time between publication of multiple accepted pieces. We do however sometimes run two or more pieces by the same artist in a single issue. 

Please remember that we are a small, new literary journal and can only pay token to semi-professional rates for all contributions. We also archive our issues, including making the pod and e-book available in the future.